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A procurement contract for the A4 highway expansion has been signed between Rizzani de Eccher, Sacaim, in a joint venture with Pizzarotti, and the Representative Commissioner of the project, for a total amount of 87,442,572.08. Euros, including security charges.
In addition to the current roadworks between the cities of Alvisopoli and Gonars, the widening works will provide for a third lane along 8.8 km of the A4 highway and will concern the areas between Portogruaro, Teglio Veneto and Fossalta di Portogruaro.
The project also includes the realization of 4 side roads flyovers and a highway flyover for the Portogruaro road access.
Three river bridges, eight underpasses for minor roads and railway, 3 roadsides drains - including bulkheads and manholes - will be built for the rainwater regulation flows.
The works are planned to start on summer 2018.


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